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Sheep, Fiber, and Hay!

We raise Gotland Sheep, Finnsheep, and Bluefaced Leicester sheep for sale, fiber, and lambs.  Nine Trees Farm is a proud member of AGSS (American Gotland Sheep Society), BFLU (Bluefaced Leicester Union), and FBA (Finnsheep Breeders Association).

About Us

How Nine Trees Farm Began

Jim and I met while we were both serving in the Army.  We got married, and several years later, started a family.  The Army life is hard on a family... uprooting and moving every 2 or 3 years.  We dreamed of a spot where we could settle down, and return to our agricultural childhoods. (Jim and I both grew up in rural settings, although not as farmers!).  

As Jim neared retirement, we found a spot in 2009... 52 acres of bare ground, miles from anything, outside of Dixie, WA.  

We bought the property, and the first thing we did was plant 9 small fruit trees, hoping that they would grow and mature in preparation for our arrival.

The Farm Grows

Over the years of our early ownership, we slowly began to develop the property.  We built a barn, drilled a well, and obtained power.  We lived almost 6 hours away (at Ft Lewis, WA), so everything we did on the farm was a true labor of love.  

Jim started cutting the prairie grass for hay, and then in 2013 we were finally able to start construction on our home, put in fencing, and improve the hay fields with orchardgrass.

By the end of 2013 we moved in, and the farm was truly our home.

Sheep, Fiber, and Hay

As soon as we settled here on Nine Trees, we endeavored to grow as much of our own food as possible while educating ourselves about sustainable agriculture.

We soon fell (unintentionally) in love with sheep, especially sheep that make luscious fibers for spinning and textiles.  Thus was born our addiction to Gotland sheep, Finnsheep, and Blue Faced Leicesters.  Sheep, lambs, and their fiber products are our principal products for sale, and Jim continues to grow hay for our own animals and occasionally for sale.


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