Gotland Sheep

About Gotlands

Gotland sheep originated on Gotland Island, in Sweden.  They were carefully developed (from sheep that originated with the Vikings) for their gorgeous metallic silver locks.   In Sweden they are valued for pelts, but here in NA they are appreciated primarily for creating yarn and textiles.

Gotland fleece is not the softest, but its silkiness gives it a lovely hand for spinning.

Gotlands in North America

Gotland sheep are a very rare breed in North America.  In fact, due to import restrictions, almost all Gotland sheep in NA have been "up bred" using imported semen and domestic ewes. That means they start out at 50% Gotland.  The percentage is increased over time by using more imported 100% semen, until we have sheep that are nearing 100% and look and behave like their Swedish ancestors.

Gotlands on Nine Trees Farm

The Gotland sheep here on our farm have been carefully selected to be true to the breed standard.  We also select for the best mothers, and softest, curliest locks.

Purchasing Lambs

We are proud members of the American Gotland Sheep Society, and all of our breeding animals are registered.  We typically lamb in March and April.  We will list the spring lambs as they are born.  

We typically offer both registered and unregistered sheep,  and the lambs are weaned and ready for sale in July and August.

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Gotland Products

We are avid fiber enthusiasts, and offer a variety of hand spun yarns, rovings, batts, pelts, knitwear, felted items, and whatever else might take our fancy.

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Where to see our Gotlands

We try to get out and about several times a year.

1. Look for us in the sheep barn at Black Sheep Gathering, Linn County Fairgrounds, Albany, OR June 29-July1 2018.  We will be showing and selling sheep and fiber products.

2. We will be at the Copper K Fiber Festival, 790 Point of Rocks Rd, Whitehall, MT, 59759 on July 21-22, 2018.  We will be selling fiber products, and can also deliver pre-purchased sheep.

3.  The AGSS National Gotland Wool Show will be held at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, Jefferson County Fair Park, Jefferson, WI September 7-9, 2018.  We will certainly have some fleeces in the show, and are tentatively planning on making the drive.